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    bean cache zombies resurfacing ?

    Kevin Holmes Newbie

      Hi All,

      on JBoss 3 RC1 and RC2

      Back in March I reported a bug (529956) in bean caching that led to "INSERTING ALREADY EXISTING BEAN" exceptions. Briefly, the steps to the exception again:

      start jboss with commit option B for all beans
      1) create bean with id x
      2) outside container, remove bean record from db
      3) recreate bean with id x,

      Note that after step 2 and before step 3 findByPrimaryKey also returns a result when it should throw ObjectNotFoundException.

      I noticed Bill's post on fixing this in 2.4.5, does this need to be applied to 3.0 as well, Bill ?


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          Kevin Holmes Newbie

          Further on this problem, it seems that the cache problem is actually half fixed. We use MVCSoft with commit option BC and because of a quirky interaction with 3.0, JBoss didnt pick up the B/C commit option and defaulted to commit option A.

          Setting the default commit option to B or C in the standardjboss.xml fixes the bean recreate problem as expected, however findByPrimaryKey(x) still returns bean rather than throwing an FinderException.