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    Ann: SuperPatrol as SuperScheduler job

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      Announcement: Super 1.9 - an EJB/J2EE monitoring/admin tool with

      has got a new member: SuperPatrol, as a schedule job.

      You can anonymously down load it free from:

      Super is a component based administration tool for EJB/J2ee.
      It provides built-in functionality as well as
      extensions, as SuperComponents. Users can install
      SuperComponents onto it, or uninstall them from it.

      Super has the following functions:
      * A J2EE/EJB monitor.
      * A gateway to EJB servers from different vendors.
      * A framework holding user defined SuperComponents.
      * A full-featured logging/tracing tool for centralized, chronological logging.
      * A PeekPoke tool to read/write attributes from EJBs.
      * A Stress test tool.
      * A global environment tool.
      * A report tool.
      * A Scheduler tool.
      * A Business patrol tool.

      It is written in pure Java.
      The current version support:
      * JOnAS 2.4
      * Universal servers.
      * Weblogic 6.0 and 6.1
      * Websphere 4.0
      * jBoss 2.4.4

      What is new:

      Version 1.90 May 2002
      1. Rewritten SuperLogging engine. Add Alarm Email on SuperLogging.
      2.Rewritten SuperScheduler allowing multiple Doers. Add support to holiday policy, effective period. Add Patrol job type as SuperPatrol.
      3. Add support for both JOnAS and jBoss.
      4. Add more elements on Report criteria.
      1. Now, both left and right mouse clicks are the same on Table Panel: toggle ascend and descend.
      2. New log database.
      Bug fix:
      1. Alert email should be sent once in the interval, regarding number of servers in the clustering.
      2. Minor bug fixes to make errors handled better on SuperLogging.
      3. If withFileInfo or withTimestamp are changed alone, Style Panel did not save them.
      4. Rewritten SuperLogging and SuperScheduler with many bug fixes.

      Version 1.80 March 2002
      1. Add new component: SuperScheduler
      Bug fix:
      1. SuperLogging: Verbose should ignore class registration.
      2. SuperLogging-tracing: an exception was thrown if the java class without package name.

      Version 1.70 January 2002
      1. SuperLogging: Scope can dynamically change both for upgrade to downgrade (for weblogic 6.1, need download an application).
      2. Add alias names for log threshold as new Java suggests.
      3. New component: SuperReport.
      1. SuperLogging: Log database parameters are specified in a properties file, instead of EJB's deployment descriptor. It is more convenient and it avoids some potential problems. No change for development, easier for administration.
      Bug fix:
      1. Add Source Path Panel now accepts both directory and jar file.
      2. Bug in SuperEnvironment example (for version 1.60 only).

      Version 1.60 December 2001
      1. SuperPeekPoke and SuperStress can use user defined dynamic argument list.
      2. Add timeout parameter to logging access.
      3. New installation program with A). Easy install. B). Remote command line install.
      4. Support EJB 2.0 for Weblogic 6.1.
      5. Support SuperPeekPoke, SuperEnvironment and SuperStress for Websphere 4.0 (SuperLogging was supported since version 1.5).
      1. Poke: argument list is set at define time, not invoke time.
      2. Default log database change to server mode from web server mode, booting performance to 10-20 times.
      Bug fix:
      1. If the returned object is null, Peek did not handle it correctly.
      2. If the value was too big, TimeSeries chart did not handle it correctly. Now it can handle up to 1.0E300.
      3. Help message was difficult to access in installation program.
      4. Source code panel now both highlights and marks the line in question (before it was only highlight using JDK 1.2, not JDK 1.3).
      5. Delete an item on PeekPoke and add a new one generated an error.

      Version 1.50 August, 2001
      1. Source code level tracing supports EJB, JSP, java helper and other
      programs which are written in native languages (as long as you
      write correct log messages in your application).
      2. Redress supports JSP now.
      3. New installation with full help document: hope it will be easier.
      4. Support WebSphere 4.0

      Version 1.40 June, 2001
      1. Add SuperEnvironment which is a Kaleidoscope with TableView, TimeSeriesView and PieView for GlobalProperties.
      GlobalProperties is an open source program from Acelet.
      2. SuperPeekPoke adds Kaleidoscope with TableView, TimeSeriesView and PieView.
      1. The structure of log database changed. You need delete old installation and install everything new.
      2. The format of time stamp of SuperLogging changed. It is not locale dependent: better for report utilities.
      3. Time stamp of SuperLogging added machine name: better for clustering environment.
      Bug fix:
      1. Under JDK 1.3, when you close Trace Panel, the timer may not be stopped and Style Panel may not show up.

      Version 1.30 May, 2001
      1. Add ConnectionPlugin support.
      2. Add support for Borland AppServer.

      Version 1.20 April, 2001
      1. Redress with option to save a backup file
      2. More data validation on Dump Panel.
      3. Add uninstall for Super itself.
      4. Add Log Database Panel for changing the log database parameters.
      5. Register Class: you can type in name or browse on file system.
      6. New tour with new examples.

      Bug fix:
      1. Redress: save file may fail.
      2. Install Bean: some may fail due to missing manifest file. Now, it is treated as foreign beans.
      3. Installation: Both installServerSideLibrary and installLogDatabase can be worked on the original file, do not need copy to a temporary directory anymore.
      4. PeekPoke: if there is no stub available, JNDI list would be empty for Weblogic5-6. Now it pick up all availble ones and give warning messages.
      5. Stress: Launch>Save>Cancel generated a null pointer exception.

      1. installLogDatabase has been changed from .zip file to .jar file.
      2. SuperLogging: If the log database is broken, the log methods will not try to access the log database. It is consistent with the document now.
      3. SuperLogging will not read system properties now. You can put log database parameters in SuperLoggingEJB's deployment descriptor.

      Version 1.10 Feb., 2001
      1. Re-written PeekPoke with Save/Restore functions.
      2. New SuperComponent: SuperStress for stress test.
      3. Set a mark at the highlighted line on<font size=+0> the Source Code
      Panel (as a work-a-round for JDK 1.3).
      4. Add support for WebLogic 6.0
      Bug fix:
      1. Uninstall bean does physically delete the jar file now.
      2. WebLogic51 Envoy may not always list all JNDI names. This is fixed.

      Version 1.00 Oct., 2000
      1. Support Universal server (virtual all EJB servers).
      2. Add Lost and Found for JNDI names, in case you need it.
      3. JNDI ComboBox is editable now, so you can PeekPoke not listed JNDI name (mainly for Envoys which do not support JNDI list).

      Version 0.90: Sept, 2000
      1. PeekPoke supports arbitrary objects (except for Vector, Hashtable
      and alike) as input values.
      2. Reworked help documents.
      Bug fix:
      1. Clicking Cancel button on Pace Panel set 0 to pace. It causes
      further time-out.
      2. MDI related bugs under JDK 1.3.

      Version 0.80: Aug, 2000
      1. With full-featured SuperLogging.

      Version 0.72: July, 2000
      Bug fix:
      1. Ignore unknown objects, so Weblogic5.1 can show JNDI list.

      Version 0.71: July, 2000
      1. Re-worked peek algorithm, doing better for concurent use.
      2. Add cacellable Wait dialog, showing Super is busy.
      3. Add Stop button on Peek Panel.
      4. Add undeploy example button.
      Bug fix:
      1. Deletion on Peek Panel may cause error under JDK 1.3. Now it works for both 1.2 and 1.3

      Version 0.70: July, 2000
      1. PeekPoke EJBs without programming.
      Bug fix:
      1. Did not show many windows under JDK 1.3. Now it works for both 1.2 and 1.3
      1. All changes are backward compatible, but you may need to recompile monitor windows defined by you.

      Version 0.61: June, 2000
      Bug fix:
      1. First time if you choose BUFFER as logging device, message will not show.
      2. Fixed LoggingPanel related bugs.

      Version 0.60: May, 2000
      1. Add DATABASE as a logging device for persistent logging message.
      2. Made alertInterval configurable.
      3. Made pace for tracing configurable.
      Bug fix:
      1. Fixed many bugs.

      Version 0.51, 0.52 and 0.53: April, 2000
      1. Add support to Weblogic 5.1 (support for Logging/Tracing and
      user defined GUI window, not support for regular monitoring).
      Bug fix:
      1. Context sensitive help is available for most of windows: press F1.
      2. Fix installation related problems.

      Version 0.50: April, 2000
      1. Use JavaHelp for help system.
      2. Add shutdown functionality for J2EE.
      3. Add support to Weblogic 4.5 (support for Logging/Tracing and
      user defined GUI window, not support for regular monitoring).
      Bug fix:
      1. Better exception handling for null Application.

      Version 0.40: March, 2000
      1.New installation program, solves installation related problems.
      2. Installation deploys AceletSuperApp application.
      3. Add deploy/undeploy facilities.
      4. Add EJB and application lists.

      1.SimpleMonitorInterface: now more simple.

      Version 0.30: January, 2000
      1. Add realm support to J2EE
      2. Come with installation program: you just install what you want
      the first time you run Super.

      Version 0.20: January, 2000
      Add support to J2EE Sun-RI.
      1. Replace logging device "file" with "buffer" to be
      compliant to EJB 1.1. Your code do not need to change.

      Version 0.10: December, 1999
      1. provide SimpleMonitorInterface, so GUI experience is
      not necessary for developing most monitoring applications.
      2. Sortable table for table based windows by mouse
      click (left or right).

      Version 0.01 November., 1999:
      1. Bug fix: An exception thrown when log file is large.
      2. Enhancement: Add tour section in Help information.

      Version 0.00: October, 1999