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    ejb app class loading problems

    Wendell Nichols Newbie

      I have a test app that contains servlets, tag library
      implementations of those same servlets, and ejb's. The
      static pages, servlets and taglib enabled jsp pages all
      live in my war file (in the ear), and the ejb's are in the
      ejb.jar file. Originally I could not get the ejb
      components to work, and a posting here instructed me to
      remove the classes from the META-INF/lib/classes dir
      in the war file. This I did and now the ejb's work, but
      servlet and taglib code doesn't. Those tests fail because
      they can't load classes, (naturally).
      All these components share many of the same base classes.
      How can I package the app such that theses classloader
      loader issues are resolved?
      I am using jboss 3.0 rc1

      Wendell Nichols