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    Why the wrong class is loaded ?

    Lior Tal Newbie

      I'm using JBoss 3.0.
      I have 2 jar modules regarding 2 different EJBs: A.jar & B.jar. Both beans depends in a helper class: myutil.class. Both jars contain the myutil.class, and both jars are already deployed to the "deploy" directory.
      The problem: when I change the myutil.class, and then compile the A.jar (which compiles also the myutil.class), and then deploy it, it seems that when my client access the A.jar bean, the other myutil.class from B.jar is used, and not the one within the A.jar. But, if I restart the JBoss, it works fine.

      Does anyone know the reason for it?
      I know I can put the myutil.class in a different jar, which both A.jar & B.jar will refer to. Is there another solution, in which I can still keep different copies of the myutil.class in different jars, and avoid restarting the server each time I change this class?