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    Which are Jboss 2.4.3 Handles properties

    Alberto Newbie

      I would like to know if in Jboss 2.4.3, the Handle classes that MyEJB.getHandle() returns are portable throw diferent client machines.
      What I am trying to do is what follows:
      I have my jetty web server and jboss running on the same computer, and I have an stateful session bean (a reference) stored on a web session. What I want to do is to pass the serialized handle(as a string) to an applet. To do that I use a jsp where I write that serialized handle as a paratemeter for the applet, but the problem is that the applet is going to run in the client machine. So, for this to run, Handles should be portable across diferent machines. Are they??????

      Thanks in advance.