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    Moving code (SOAP Handler) from jboss-identity-fed-core to j



      I've reopened http://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBID-194 to move the SOAP Protocol Handler code from jboss-identity-fed-api to jboss-identiy-fed-core.

      Currently jboss-identity-fed-api has a dependency to jboss-identity-fed-core. The code that I'm going to move has a depedency to WSTrustClient (in jboss-identity-fed-api) so I'd need to introduce a dependency from jboss-identity-core to jboss-identity-fed-api which will lead to a cyclic dependency.

      Anil mentioned in IM that Stefan is in the process of moving classes from jboss-identity-fed-api-core and I noticed that there have been updates today. But the pom's have not been changed ,which made me think that either I should wait for this to happen or perhaps I've misunderstood something, so I'd better ask :)

      When thinking about this a little perhaps these handlers do belong in jboss-identity-fed-api anyway. They will in a way be used by end users, they will configure them in their handler chains.

      What are you thoughts on this?