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    EJB Manifest classloading behaviour

    Ferran Newbie


      I already posted this question to the jboss-user list, but no one answered me, so I'll try it here :), hoping that someone knows the answer...

      I'm using manifests to extend the classpath of my EJBs. I have a duplicated class due to a bug in the implementation of a thirdparty library, and in the manifest, the jar with my patch appears before the thirdparty buggy jar.

      I've noticed that the class that is being loaded is the buggy one, and inspecting jboss source code I've seen that it's due to the way classes are loaded (Use of Hashsets) so no order in classloading can be supposed.

      My question is: Is this a design decision in the classloading or an unexpected issue? I know that having duplicated classes in the classpath is nasty, but I thought that the manifest would preserve the order of the classes.

      Thanks in advance.