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    EJB session facade design pattern

    saurabh kedia Newbie

      I am using a session facade architecture in my application.In my session bean business method...is it OK to use sql queries to retreive data from tables whcih are to be used for the business logic..or is it advisable to use only finder methods ...Which would require less overhead in terms of network overhead time etc...would the finder methods be more suitable?
      The other aspect is since if I require a data from a table in the database just for display and I am not doing any other transactions with that table ..does it make sense to make an Entity bean justt for one transaction...
      would it not call for a lot of extra overhead (in term of man hours).Moreover, if the number and size of tables are very large this would increase even more.
      Please advise..as iam confused so as to what the optimum design pattern would be.