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    Activation/Passivation-problem with 3.0

    Kenneth Newbie


      We have an application that is working correctly with Weblogic 6.X and Jboss 2.x, but is failing on Jboss 3.0

      Please don't say this is the wrong way of doing it. This is how it works: :-)

      We have a entity-bean which has a singleton-design for holding the values that is needed for each entity-bean.
      These values are used to create instances of a Stateful Session Bean. These instances are returned to the caller of the entity-bean. When the caller is finished with the session bean, the reference is returned to the entity-bean.

      Basically we have one entitybean-instance pr. state. This instance of the entity-bean can either return a cached instance of the session-bean or create a new one. The session-bean can itselft hold references to other stateful beans.

      Now to the problem.
      In Jboss 3.0 we get activation problem within our application. The activation of passivated beans fails with a file not found for the session bean.

      Is this a problem shared by others?