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    Serialization of value objects

    Danilo Luiz Rheinheimer Newbie


      There are some issue about methods on the EJB returning Value
      Objects to clients ?
      I got this error when I try to get a value object using a remote
      call :

      java.io.InvalidClassException: com.sigea.acad.vo.CursoVO; is not Serializable

      The class to be serialized is that :

      package com.sigea.acad.vo;
      import java.io.*;

      public class CursoVO implements java.io.Serializable {

      private int aCodCurso;
      private String aNomeCurso;

      public java.lang.Integer getCodCurso () {
      return new Integer(aCodCurso);

      public void setCodCurso (java.lang.Integer codCurso) {
      aCodCurso = codCurso.intValue();

      public String getNomeCurso () {
      return aNomeCurso;

      public void setNomeCurso (String nomeCurso) {
      aNomeCurso = nomeCurso;

      There are something wrong with this ?