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    Passivation of BMP entity beans

    Jeffrey Garvett Newbie


      I'm having a bit of trouble with ensuring that the data I retrieve through one of my entity beans is current. I notice that after its usage, the following often appears in the logs ("TheGroup" is the name of the bean):

      [TheGroup] Scheduled passivation of bean TheGroup with id = 22
      [Container factory] Postponed passivation of bean TheGroup with id = 22

      Instead of:

      [TheGroup] Scheduled passivation of bean TheGroup with id = 22
      [Default] group: passivate

      I can't predict which of the above will take place. Maybe this is correct behavior (from caching or something else), but to me it's unpredictable, and I'd like the passivation to consistently take place because I'd like activate/load to take place every time as well.

      I believe that the underlying problem for this particular entity bean is that there is overlapping data; for example, changes to the bean with id = 22 might affect the bean with id = 23, and therefore I'd like id = 23 to be reloaded after the change. I can't seem to force the behavior. Is this just bad design on my part? Is there a quick fix anyway?

      I'm using JBoss 2.4.0 with Tomcat 3.2.2. Thanks in advance for your advice!