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    SAX Parser Error while deploying on Linux

    kieran-damon Newbie


      I've got JBOSS3.0 running perfectly on W2K and Linux (Redhat 7.1).

      When I compile and deploy an entity bean on W2K (with Oracle) it works fine. Table is created with a 1 to 1 relationship, etc. Luvly.

      When I compile the same bean (same java files and ejb-jar.xml file) on Linux during deploy I get an a SAXParser exception stating that "next character must be ">" for termination of comment", or something very similar. On Linux I am using MySQL.

      I have recreated the ejb-jar.xml file using vi in linux to make sure that no characters are being kept from the W2K file (where I created it). But no dice.

      I'm going to go bald pulling my hair out on this, so please help if you recognize this error.

      Is it MySQL vs. Oracle? W2K vs. Linux?