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    BUG, case sensitivity in BMP queries

    Marco Bonechi Newbie


      I just tried deployment of my app from jboss2.4 to jboss3.0 .
      I found this bug.
      I have one BMP bean bound to jndi as "Project" where SQL queries are written in the style I like, that is
      "SELECT id FROM project ...."

      JBoss complained saying that the query was incorrect for the "PROJECT" bean.

      To make it work I had to chang all my queries to be all uppercase "SELECT ID FROM PROJECT".

      I don't know if this is the place to submit bugs, but I couldn't find any other link...

      Marco Bonechi

      P.S. by the way, are connection pools broken if not used through the container, but invoked directly from JNDI. I can't do massive operations in jboss3 as I can in jboss2.4.