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    javax.ejb not found

    ku916 Newbie

      I've followed this "Building your first EJB" tutorial on http://stardeveloper.com and was able to compile and deploy the EJB to JBOSS. But when I try to access the EJB via FirstEJB.jsp as mentioned in the tutorial I get the following error messages

      org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSPNote: sun.tools.javac.Main has been deprecated.

      C:\java\jboss-3.0.1RC1_tomcat-4.0.4\catalina\work\Standalone\localhost\jboss\firstEJB$jsp.java:0: Class javax.ejb.EJBHome not found in interface com.stardeveloper.ejb.session.FirstHome.
      package org.apache.jsp;

      C:\java\jboss-3.0.1RC1_tomcat-4.0.4\catalina\work\Standalone\localhost\jboss\firstEJB$jsp.java:0: Class javax.ejb.EJBObject not found in interface com.stardeveloper.ejb.session.First.
      package org.apache.jsp;

      C:\java\jboss-3.0.1RC1_tomcat-4.0.4\catalina\work\Standalone\localhost\jboss\firstEJB$jsp.java:42: Class javax.ejb.CreateException not found in try.
      try {

      An error occurred between lines: 20 and 26 in the jsp file: /firstEJB.jsp

      Generated servlet error:
      C:\java\jboss-3.0.1RC1_tomcat-4.0.4\catalina\work\Standalone\localhost\jboss\firstEJB$jsp.java:78: Method remove() not found in interface com.stardeveloper.ejb.session.First.

      I'm using JBoss3.0.1 with tomcat 4.0.4 bundle & JDK 1.4

      What I'm very puzzule about is that when I compile I've set the classpath to include jboss-j2ee.jar and it went through ... so what is the complain about javax.ejb. ...?

      help please
      thank you