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    JBoss takes 99% CPU on passiviating beans

    Ashok Mehta Newbie

      I am running JBoss 2.4.4 on solaris 8. My app creates a total of 7000 session beans and around 1200 enity beans per day.
      I have set the max-bean-life for session beans to 14 hours, This allows my client to use the app all day and evening all beans time out.
      After running the server for few days I see the CPU usage go to 94-95% and there is nothing happening from my application perspective.
      The last line in the log is
      [06:20:29,980,LRUEnterpriseContextCachePolicy] Scheduling for passivation overaged bean hmc.
      trading.pegasus.convbonds.Graph with id = 1026245620145 - Cache size = 1

      basically JBoss has already passiviated all the session beans, passiviating of overaged bean starts at cache size of 1800 and then goes up to 1.

      Any insights in this regard will be appreciated


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          Horia Muntean Newbie

          what kind of command are u using to find out the CPU usage? could be "ps". in this case, quoting from ps man we have that <%CPU shows the cputime/realtime percentage. It will not add up to 100% unless you
          are lucky. It is time used divided by the time the process has been running.> witch make sense. the percentange is not a snapshot of the CPU usage, it is <the time the CPU was used by the process since it was started>/<the time the process was started>

          If your app is loaded at a constant level %CPU should increase. if after that the jboss does nothing, the %CPU should decrease but not immediately, in time.

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            Ashok Mehta Newbie

            I am using top to find the cpu usage and it staus at 94-95 % for hours after the last log line. I have always had to restart jboss once it gets in this situation.

            Even when it is at this 95% cpu usage It still reponds to new client requests. The old clients simply hang.