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    client throws an UnmarshalException

    Matthew Palmer Newbie

      This is a followup to a message I saw in the Database, Persistance & JBossCMP forum:

      http://www.jboss.org/modules/bb/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=forums/ since this is the correct forum, I'll just post what I found in here. I was having what looks like the same problem. I had been using one of the alpha versions of JBoss 3 and my client programs were able to reference and use my deployed EJBs just fine. Last week I switched over to the final released JBoss 3.0.0. Everything looked like it was running great and fast. But when I tried to run a client program that gets a reference to one of my session beans, I was getting an UnmarshalException. I redeployed all of my EJBs and stuff, but that didn't fix anything. So I took a look at how I was running my client program. I'm running it from within JBuilder and I had a bunch of libraries for the project pointing to the older JBoss-3.0.0alpha version. So I switched the libraries to the correct newer files and ran the client program and it worked great.

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          John C. Dale Newbie

          Thank you! I was having the same issue (running from IDEA from IntelliJ - the best IDE on the market), and this took care of it. I was ommitting some of the requisit client libs from my classpath, however, and it resulted in the same error. I appreciate your foresight in posting the response to the correct forum.

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            marc fleury Master

            The client side classes were under great movement, so we apologize for the fact that unmarshalling on old classes will throw exceptions. The classes are stabilized now but we will optimize the writing of it (work underway as we speak) as optimized writers bring about a 30% increase in speed. So you might see more of that in the future. I recommend posting this to the FAQ, with a note for Tobias to actually moderate it and let it through, as it will pop up again and again. Make sure to say "Client throws UnmarshallException after upgrade of JBoss".

            Thanks man