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    strange transaction propagation behavior

    jc Newbie


      I'm invoking one entity bean method from another entity bean. Both beans use CMT with Required attribute. After the invocation of the outer bean method, I expect its ejbStore() method to be called. But instead, only the inner bean's ejbStore() is called. The behavior is illustrated below:

      pseudo code:
      public void entity1.m1() {
      // some code 1
      // some code 2

      actual execution sequence:
      // some code 1
      // some code 2

      my question:
      Why is entity1.ejbStore() not called after "some code 2"? Are there any transaction parameters I didn't setup properly?

      my setup:
      jboss-3.0.0 on NT4
      MSSQL database, using the provided mssql-service.xml, modified connection url, uname, passwd only.

      Thanks in advance.