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    Pascal Demers Newbie

      I want to test my EntityBean.
      I run a testBean method (in a test.java file) that queries a BusinessDelegate who queries the SessionFacade, who queries my bean's local interface.

      If no objets exists, the findAll method returns an empty list. I can also create objects (which are inserted in the Database), but if I re-execute the findAll method (when records exists in the database), I receive an UnhandledException in my BusinessDelegate. If I catch it to see what's "unhandled", I receive the following :
      [java] UNDECLARED Exception: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.jboss.ej
      b.plugins.local.EntityProxy (no security manager: RMI class loader disabled)

      I've seen in other post that this was a classpath error. I've find the EntityProxy.class in the jboss.jar file.. if I add it to the classpath of my build file target who executes the test, I receive a NoClassDefFoundError for something like org/jboss/system/Service.. even if I add the jar where this class is to my classpath, I still receive the same exception..

      It must be something I forgot.. or something dumb I'm doing.. I really need some help.. by the way, I'm using JBoss3.0.x and with CMP2.0.