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    EJB Ref and EJB Link Tags

    Darryl Thompson Newbie

      I need a little clarification on some of the finer points of J2EE development and hope some here can answer a question for me concerning EJB2.0 (local home/ref), here goes:

      Say you have two beans that are packaged separately BeanA in jarA, BeanB in JarB (both on the same machine). Since I have to use JNDI to lookup BeanB from BeanA (and visa-versa) why/when would I need to use the <ejb-ref> ...<ejb-link> tags in the ejb-jar.xml/jboss.xml files?
      Another developer mentioned to me that there was no need for using these two tags because of being able to find and use other EJBs using JNDI, yet all of the EJB books I've read uses them; especially for externally linked ejbs???

      Thanks in advance