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    deploying a lot of entity beans

    Peter Doornbosch Apprentice

      Hi folks,

      I'm wondering what the (performance, scalability) issues are when deploying a lot of entity beans, say 200 (different beans, not instances). The background of the question is that we have approx. 200 business objects that are very much alike, so basically there are two approaches: using one "generic" entity bean that serves them all, or 200 (sligthly) different entity beans.
      Of course there several issues to consider, but this questions focusses on the issue whether choosing the first or the second approach would have major impact on performance and scalability.
      Anyone ideas, experiences?


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          Mikael Eriksson Novice

          That would depend on how much alike "very much alike" is :-). (E.g. would they map unto 200 different DB tables, or just need a type ID in a column?)

          I have not done 200 Entity EJBs in JBoss (or anywhere else) but in general i think that it can take fairly much of performance if you do that. If it is possible, and you do not loose too much of other things (ease of understanding and such) I would lean towards having only one Entity Bean.