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    Command line deployment

    Frederik Jooken Newbie


      first of all, I hope I'm in the right thread of this forum to ask my question... if not, 'xcuse me :)

      Question: is it possible to deploy an EJB (packed in a jar) to the JBoss app. server by using a command line invoke of a JBoss class ? If so, can anyone tell me how ?

      Thanks in advance !

      Frederik J.

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          Ali Newbie

          I am not sure about the JBoss class, but you can make a bat file that will copy your Jar file from its source directory to the '%JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\deploy' directory. That will deploy your EJB under the default config. Replace 'server' in above path with 'all' or 'minimal' as per your requirements.

          Then later on, if you want, you can write your own class that will just invoke the bat file.

          Alternatively, you can also define a task in 'ant' for that purpose.

          Best Regards