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    SAR deployment file

    Torsten Terp Newbie


      Does anybody have an example of how to arrange the contents and describe the dependencies in a SAR file?

      The SAR needs to contain a db connection, an ear file
      and an mbean, and these parts should be deployed in the following order: db, ear, mbean.

      So far I have been deploying the 3 parts independently and configured the mbean to deploy after the ear by using the <depends-list> element in the mbeans service xml file.

      If i package a SAR like:


      I cant figure out what the contens of the jboss-service.xml should be. Should it contain the contents of both the db-service.xml and the mbean-service.xml or can META-INF contain several service xml files?

      If anybody has hints or an example of this i would be greatfull...

      Thanks in advance..