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    WAR's deployed in EAR lose CLASSPATH

    Jeovanny Newbie

      How come JBoss doesn't allow a war file (configured to spec) to be deployed within an EAR file and still maintain the integrity of a war deployed by its' own.

      I am using STRUTS. The war file has the following structure:


      When the ear is deployed, JBoss shows that the .jars are getting loaded. However, tomcat has no visibility into the classes and lib subdirectories. It can't find my classes, the ApplicationResource.properties or the *.jar files?

      What I have ended up having to do is move the .jars and the ApplicationResource.properties file to the .ear and put in the application.xml file the references to the jars. I also had to put them in the .war file ( I may be able to remove these, I haven't tried it yet). However, I still don't have access to my personal class files. It gives me a NoClassDefFoundError.

      If my war, ear and jar are all set up according to the specification, then I believe JBoss should be able to read them. There must be something wrong wit the class loaders.

      Can someone PLEASE HELP!?