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    Inconsistent Releasing of Pooled Connections

    Andy Bartlett Newbie


      I am experiencing some inconsistent behaviour with the way JBOSS is releasing jdbc/EJBPool connections. I have been running the same scenario for a couple of days now with the same code, configuration and data.

      In some cases, the Garbage Collector will kick-in and release the connection back to the pool, and 30 seconds later, the Oracle Session will be closed.

      In other cases, the GC does not seem to poll and therefore the last pooled connection is not released and the Oracle Session is not closed.

      Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is it something that can be eradicated by using the latest version of JBOSS?

      NOTE: ALL direct JDBC calls in the code are being closed in the correct way (ResultSets, PreparedStatements, Connections etc)


      Please help!