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    Warning about local interface of session bean

    Paul Morgan Newbie

      I'm getting a warning and I can't quite figure out why. I have a single stateless session bean, for which I've declared a local and remote interface. When I deploy my app (which is in an .ear file), I get the following warning from JBoss 3.0:

      Bean : GenerateWDB-EJB
      Method : public abstract [B generate(String) throws IOException
      Section: 7.10.7
      Warning: The methods in the local interface must not include java.rmi.RemoteException in their throws clause.

      local interface:

      public interface GenerateWDBLocal extends EJBLocalObject {
      public byte[] generate( String input ) throws IOException;

      remote interface:

      public interface GenerateWDBRemote extends EJBObject {
      public byte[] generate( String input ) throws IOException, RemoteException;


      public class GenerateWDBBean extends SessionAdapter {
      public byte[] generate( String input ) throws IOException { return( null ); }

      Any hints or thoughts about where (or how) I might have messed up would be appreciated. ... random thought, could I have done something funky in the deployment descriptors?