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    IIOP vs JRMP wrt Firewall-Friendliess

    Brendan Lawlor Newbie

      Or should that be Firewall-Unfriendliness...

      I'm having difficulty getting my Swing client to talk RMI/IIOP to my JBoss3.0-based application (All lookups throw back MARSHAL exceptions) - but that's not the reason for my post. The only reason I want IIOP rather than JRMP is because I got it into my head that IIOP was easier to get through a firewall. Is this the case?

      If it is not the case, can I simply open up the JRMP port (1099?) on my firewall, and let internet users access the server using the swing client? Will client accessing from behind their own firewall have added difficulty?

      Sorry for posting on this forum - I saw no IIOP-specific one.

      Thanks in advance for any help.