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    Possible Redeploy Bug with Local Interfaces

    Chad Lavy Newbie

      This is a clarification on a post I put out a couple of days ago and did not get any response on. Here is the text from that post:


      I have an ejb app that contains several remote entities, several local entities, and a session bean that acts as a facade for the local entities. I also have a set of JUnit tests that perform regression against the remote entities and the session bean.

      If I re-deploy the ejb app to jboss, the JUnit tests will pass for the remote entities and fail for the session bean. If I then restart jboss without re-deploying the ejb app, the JUnit tests will all pass.


      The clarification that I have is that it seems that I only get this problem when using a Session Facade to some Local Entities. Also, if instead of just redeploying the container (or restarting JBoss) I delete the currently deployed container and then wait for several minutes (more than 5, less than 30) before deploying the updated container... everything works. I imagine that JBoss is hanging onto some resources and needs time to clean them up.

      Chad Lavy