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    How to speed up the execution of commit option C

    hui lan Newbie

      Im using the commit option c for my ejbs as the database might changed by other resources.

      My program will find a record in the ejb first, if not record being retrieved, then ill use database stored procedures to insert a record, then ill retrieve again from the ejb.

      The problem i faced is:

      a) After i insert a record inside the database where there's a ejb map to, no record being found when i execute the findBy... The find method is executed right after i do the insert. I wondering is it because of the time needed to make the synchronization that cause the error? The problem occurs sometimes but not all the time.

      b) Im using CMP ejb, so is that any solution to settle the problem?

      Can i solve the problem as:
      a) Call the ejbload / ejbstore but how to do this if i dun want to use BMP?

      b) Is there any way to speed up the execution time, like option D can set optiond-refresh-rate.

      I really appreciate any help or suggestions from anyone.