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    Transaction problem using castor with Jboss 3.0

    jack_zhang Newbie

      Hi all,
      When I try to do a demo using castor( with JBoss3.0. The demo wants to use SessionBean + JDO(castor)+mysql database.
      The first exception I encoutered is null exception. I try to trace the source code, and I found the location where the exception occured. It is in the getDatabase() of JDO class. The reason for exception is JDO try to lookup java:/TransactionManager, though it found the TransactionManager, its status is STATUS_NO_TRANSACTION. Wo when the code by follow get one transacton, the transaction is null, it throwed the null exception.

      Then I changed the code and suppose the system didn't find the transaction, still got another exception: org.exolab.castor.jdo.TransactionNotInProgressException: No transaction in progress for the current thread

      My question, when does java:/STATUS_NO_TRANSACTION transactionmanager in jboss begin? Dose castor should fix this problem or Jboss should do?

      Any suggestion and info will be very appreicated.