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    loader constraints violated

    Patrick Brosnan Newbie

      I have seen a number of postings around this error however no-one seems to have definitively identified the cause let alone a solution.
      My application has a struts form bean implementing a number of interfaces that are parameter types on the EJB remote interface.
      The difficult thing with this error is that it is imtermitent, if I rebuild the app and redeploy I will probably get it but then it may not happen or it just goes away, no amount of coding seems to make a difference. I am assuming it is some sort of deployment issue but I've tried deleting jars, wars and ears and have not come across a sure fire, reproducable method of curing the problem. I have worked with a couple of other app servers and this is the first time I have seen this error.
      Can anyone provide details of their deployment when this error occurs? Perhaps we can isolate the common denominator.