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    Does JBoss cache resources loaded by any classloader?

    Péter Miklós Newbie


      I found a strange behavior in jboss today that forced me to restart it.

      I have a session bean that instantiates objects using an own created URLClassLoader. I passed a jar file to the classloader as classpath. I found that if I regenerate that jar file putting some classes into that, jboss will load the old one (seems to be cached) even when I redeploy the whole enterprise application.
      I had to restart jboss to be able to load classes from the proper jar file.

      May it be possible that jboss uses some caching mechanism in such cases? If it may, how can I force jboss not to use such cache?

      ps.: the jar I used can be reached from http (apache). the first thing I thought was apache uses some cache, but I restarted at least three times (and nothing happened) before I decided to restart jboss.