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    EJB port usage on server?

    rboston Newbie

      Using 3.0 I've got a couple hundred connections to a set of Stateful session beans, one per client.

      In examining data transfer along ports, it appears that all data coming from the clients going to the server use port 4444. This is the RMIObjectPort specified.

      Problem is, we're overloading that port.

      From the client:
      - initial connection to the JNDI port.
      - another connection to a random port on the server
      - another connection to port 4444

      Watching the data traffic, port 4444 is what is used for every remote call to transfer the data.

      I thought the EJB/RMI implementation would use the new socket to not overload the well known port??
      Can someone please confirm this for me.

      Also, did pure RMI test (suns impl) and it operated as expected. After getting the remote stub, it created a new socket connection and used that port as the primary communication socket.

      Thanks all !!!