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    JVM Crash during JBoss operation.

    Daniel Hinojosa Master

      Who do I blame? :) Just kidding.

      Anyways, consistently run this ear file and when I do I get JVM crash error. It seems to stem from a class.forName issue with JBoss. I am assuming that I am at fault, but then again, a JVM error shouldn't occur!

      Attached are the logs that Sun recommends that I send them.
      Perhaps, this might shed some light.


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          Adrian Brock Master

          Signal 11 is a segmentation fault,
          probably a null pointer.

          I've seen bugs reported with 1.4 and some glibc error.
          This is supposed to be fixed with 1.4.1?

          You have some error with your deployment anyway,
          otherwise it wouldn't be trying to destroy the ejb.

          Have you tried with jboss 3.0.2? There have been
          some classloader changes to workaround other JVM


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            Daniel Hinojosa Master

            I think I may have figured out why that occurs. I use Linux and it seems that the JVM doesn't throw a OutOfMemory Error like it should instead it blows a SegFault. I have been watching the memory on my system and JBoss has been eating it away. Not to mention that I use Forte as my editor (Yikes). I have a 256MB RAM laptop so I should be able to develop on it like I have done with 2.4 on my system.