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    xhtml editor is terribly slow

    Stefan Frank Newbie

      I just wonder, if anyone else has made the same experience: I'm using exadel to edit facelet/xhtml-pages mixed with some javascript. And the xhtml-editor is slow up to being completely unusable, even if I use it in the source-only mode.

      I'm not sure, what exactly makes it so slow, as content-assist is almost non-existent (attributes for tags work, but as I am using seam it does not resolve any el-statements). I now switched back to the html-editor from wtp: Functionality is not too different, but at least it doesn't hang up and it is fast.

      So, here are my questions:

      - anyone knows what causes the editor to be so damn slow?
      - are there any new features for the editor planned in the red-hat-release (resolving el's for seam?!)