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    Trouble recognizing EJB2.0

    rick Newbie

      I see now where The XmlFileLoader registers the EJB2.0 dtd public id and and therefore looks locally for the ejb-jar_2_0.dtd. It only looks at Sun if you screw up the ID (ie EnterpriseJavaBeans instead of Enterprise JavaBeans). However, even though its finding the ejb-jar_2_0.dtd file in metadata.jar, I still cant get JBoss to let me add ejbHome methods to my entity beans. Is there any other reasons besides not using the correct ejb-jar dtd that could make JBoss default to EJB1.1 behavior. I am getting the error:

      "Each method defined in the entity bean's home interface must be either create or finder method."

      my implementation signature is:

      public MedTekAnswer ejbHomeGetMedTekAnswer(PrimaryKey selectionPK)throws FinderException{}

      and the remote home is:

      MedTekAnswer getMedTekAnswer(PrimaryKey selectionPK)throws RemoteException,FinderException;

      any ideas would be greatly appreciated.