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    Weird ClassCastExceptions in JBoss 3.0

    kellyschrock Newbie


      I'm developing a CMP entity bean having a cmr field called internalPayGrade. So, as expected, I have some abstract methods:

      public abstract LocalMilitaryPayGrade getInternalPayGrade();
      public abstract void setInternalPayGrade(LocalMilitaryPayGrade value);

      In an interface which my bean implements, I have a method called "getPayGrade()" which is called by the front end. I implement this method in my bean so that I can call getInternalPayGrade() from within it to get the information I need. Whenever I call the method (not even trying to make use of its return value in any way), I get a ClassCastException:

      java.lang.ClassCastException: $Proxy189

      I assume that $Proxy189 is a JBoss-generated class. I have NO idea how to confront this problem, and it's basically got me completely stopped. Can anyone tell me what the #3LL is going on here?