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    JBoss Bug!!!

    Muraly Newbie


      Home interface
      public MyRemote create(MyObj data) throws RemoteException, CreateException;

      Bean Implementation

      public MyPK ejbCreate(MyObj data) throws CreateException {
      Error while deploying
      INFO 10/Sep/2002 15:56:57 [main] (Logger.java:149): ejb.EjbModule - Deploying MyBean
      ERROR 10/Sep/2002 15:56:59 [main] (Logger.java:185): plugins.BMPPersistenceManager - Home Method public abstract MyRemote MyHome.create(MyObj) throws java.rmi.RemoteException,javax.ejb.CreateException not implemented in bean class class MyBean looking for method named: ejbCreate

      I am using jboss3.0.0
      First as you can see, it syas the bean is deployed, Then after some other beans dployment it comes back to the MyBean and generated the error.

      Couldnt understand why?

      Any others have faced this scenario.

      While seraching the forum I have come across some sugetions that with CMP2.0, this is a BUG with JBoss.

      But mine is a simple simple BMP.