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    double bean instance

    Petr MRAZ Newbie

      im quite new to EJB and im trying to get working two instances of the same beans. I have a jar with some beans in it (combination of CMP and BMP). This jar/beans works with servlet as one application.

      But now i would like to get deploy second jar which has same beans as first. I configured datasources well and completely changed the JNDI names and REFs of beans in this second jar.

      Deployment was unsuccesfull, I did not know what to do,so I also renamed beans, now deployment is OK, but there are strange things appearing, the beans from first jar are using beans from second and so on.

      Im not quite sure what I need to do to get both jars working well, they are completely same except datasource.

      Im using JBOSS 3.0.0RC2

      Please, can anyone help???