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    Sudhi Newbie

      I have a question with respec to EJBLocalHome
      I was passing remoteinterfaces as parameters in other beans. This was not part of standard. So I changed all the remote interfaces to Local interface I mean EJBLocalHome and EJBLocalObject
      and EntityBean is the bean implementing. as shown in below snippet

      public interface Person extends javax.ejb.EJBLocalObject
      public interface PersonHome extends javax.ejb.EJBLocalHome
      abstract public class PersonBean implements EntityBean

      Now in my ejb-jar.xml I have the dd as


      in jboss.xml
      <configuration-name>ThePerson Container Configuration</configuration-name><ejb-name>ThePerson</ejb-name><jndi-name>epeople/person</jndi-name><read-only>false</read-only>True

      The bean gets deployed. But when I lookup, says epeople/person not found
      when i open the jmx-console, i see local/ThePerson is bound. why does it bound this ? is this by default!!!!

      Pls help.


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          Tung Dang Novice

          For local interfaces use <local-jndi-name> for mapping, so in your case you have to map:


          Otherwise it is bound to local namespace by default (as in your case now).

          Hope this helps.