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    How to restrict software & bill usage

    Frank Griffin Novice

      I'm feeling like this has to be a really obvious question, but I cannot find any reference to it in the specs, nor can I seem to think of any search terms that locate relevant comments on any forum.

      As a prospective vendor of EJB applications, I have to worry about two things:

      (1) How do I prevent one customer from copying the software (plus encrypted license data plus everything else) and giving it to someone else to run ?

      (2) If I sell the software on a metered or limited basis, how do I enforce the restrictions ?

      In the case of (1), I can't find any access from J2EE/EJB to any specific system ID info that would allow me to bind execution of the software to a specific system.

      In the case of (2), I can supply initial limits in an encrypted license, but I have nowhere to maintain current remaining usage other than the CMP backing store. Even allowing for an obfuscation scheme on my part, I can't prevent the customer from simply deleting the data from the backing store.

      Obviously, these aren't JBoss-specific issues. But I'm hoping that others here may be familiar with them and can point me to relevant discussions or forums.

      Yeah, I know, hell of a question for an open source related forum. But some of us who like open source do this stuff for people who want to make a profit...

      Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.