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    "Memory leak" and MetricsInterceptor

    Tim Fox Master

      We've been experiencing what appeared to be a memory leak in jboss3.0.2.

      After analysing it with a memory profiler, we discovered the memory was being chewed up and not spat out by the MetricsInterceptor.

      Basically it was adding entries to it's HashTable and (I guess) not managing to spit them out to the JMS queue in time (and we didn't even have that many invocations).

      Whether it qualifies as a bug or not, I'm not sure, but considering all the MetricInterceptors for all the standard configurations are ON by default, I'd thought I'd post this in case anyone else is having similar problems.

      After removing the interceptor from the various chains, performance has increased considerably and the memory footprint is MUCH better, on our load test system where we spotted this.

      Maybe a suggestion would be to not have the MetricsInterceptor on by default in the standard configs. until a safer way of collecting the data is found?