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    Merging two resource directories together

      Hi all,

      I've playing around with Exadel Studio 4.0.4a and run into a problem with project layout.

      We have two parts to all our products, a "framework" component and the "product" code itself. The framework part is kept separately and built separately.

      The steps for configuring a "product" setup we would like to follow are:

      1) Create a web project in Exadel with code + resources.
      2) Take a pre-built (WAR format) build of the framework and copy into a separate (vendor) directory in the product directory.
      3) Debug/Run through Exadel it merges the resources/jars/classes from the framework and the product and runs Tomcat pointing to the merged set.

      I do not want the framework code copied into the product directories as they will be under source control and someone will eventually check framework files into the product repository.

      I would like the structure to look something like this...

       /src - the product source code (source controlled)
       /WebContent - the product resources (source controlled)
       /framework - the framework code and resource, WAR format (NOT source controlled)

      And have Exadel merge them for debugging in a combined directory without copying anything into the WebContent directory.

      In addition the framework has the web.xml file which all products should use.

      Is there any way to do this?



      P.S. For those familiar this is similar to the IDEA approach of an exploded directory where all resources/classes/jars are deployed to when running/debugging a web project.