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    Testing Stateful SBs via MaximumSize

    David Jaquay Newbie

      I would like to test a stateful session bean I've written, in particular, the ejbPassivate and ejbActivate methods. To do this, I've tried setting MaximumSize down low and creating more bean instances than the setting. Trouble is, JBoss doesn't call ejbPassivate/ejbActivate, leading me to believe that it's not paging my state out, but rather is creating more than MaximumSize beans.

      I searched for this in the forums, and found mention that MaximumSize is a limit on the number of such beans it keeps around, not a limit on how many it creates, and that I should set strictMaximumSize to true, and that it'll do what I want. I did so; it didn't.

      I pulled down the source (jboss-3.0.2-src), and grepped through it, and found nothing indicating that anyone is paying any attention to strictMaximumSize; not any of the DTDs, nor any code that I could see. The post that mentioned it said that it was "underdocumented"; did it go away?

      And is there any way to do what I want? Does JBoss support passivating of stateful session beans? P.43 of the Quick Start guide reads like it does not...