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    removing bean lock and it has tx's in QUEUE

    Xiaolong Hao Newbie

      We have seen this message only when jboss is under stress load, i.e. a lot users perform the action on a entity bean. The exception is thrown when a getter method of the entity bean is invoked. I search all the forum and find no explaination about this except one message mentionging a bad primary key implementation could cause it. Our primery key class implements toString() and hashCode(). The hashCode() simply calls toString().hasCode(). To avoid the contention, we specify the transaction type of all getter method of entity bean as "Supports". I looked the source code of jboss and it seems that the exception is throw then "refs" and "txWaitQueue" is out of sync. But don't know what would cause it. It only happens when jboss is under load. I am clueless and any help will be greately appreciated.

      We tried jboss 2.4.4, 2.4.6, 2.4.8,2.4.9 and they all have the save problem.