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    PHP to J2EE

    federico Newbie

      Hi.. I have a web application completely written in php. It uses php classes to access to the database (mysql), so this application have a structure similar to jsp pages + java beans.
      Now my company wants to move to J2EE architecture, trying to maintain web layer written in PHP.
      My idea is to build java classes very similar to the php ones already created and instantiate and use them from php pages; then i code separately business logic level using J2EE and access to this level from the java classes.
      Now I wrote simple code to test this configuration, but i encountered problems: it seems php and java can't communicate, above all it seems that is very difficult the "translation" between the types of the 2 language.
      I searched a lot on the web, but i haven't found anything similar to my idea.
      Does anybody experienced this solution?
      Any help will be appreciate.