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    Change default Datasource

    torben morello Newbie

      hi all,

      i just ported an j2ee applikation from Sun's RI to JBoss 3. It uses Entity Beans with CMP2.0. Everythings works fine except all information about Datasources got lost because it was either in an server-specific descriptor or in the server config (which clearly got lost). What I want to do now is the *easiest* way of making JBoss use my Cloudscape Database like RI used to. I've read something about three MBeans, copying .xml-files to the deploy dir and rebuild the server (that means I need to get the sources... so far I just got the binaries). I had alrady a look at the jca example files, but they seem pretty complicated, too.

      Isn't there a easy way to configure the Datasource like
      jndiname = jdbc:cloudscape:rmi:....
      and putting the jdbc-driver-files in jboss/lib?


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          Joel Vogt Master

          If you search through the forums there are lots of examples. Try the datasource one.
          The jist of it is though, is put your jdbc driver in server/your-config/lib
          Then add a cloudscape-service.xml to deploy directory.

          You do not need to rebuild jboss :) This was probably meant to be restart jboss. But you shouldn't even have to do this. (Although it never hurts).
          To build your service.xml, take an exisiting one (for example hsql) and just change the relevant bits to your db.