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    The migration from JBoss 2.44 to 3.0

    Benjamin Newbie

      Hey, can somebody please summarize the migration from 2.44 to 3.0 for me. I am used to 2.44 (persistency management with MVCSoft Persistence), but when I deploy my 2.44 beans to 3.0 environment, I face all sorta trouble. I'd learnt that there's an additional jbosscmp-jdbc.xml file as well, is it possible to create the relational table/foreign key mapping in 3.0 without that additional file(it is so troublesome)? What are the major changes I should be aware of (from the client to the server side coding)? Even the JNDI seem to have change, I can't seem to get a reference of my bean but the jmx_console indicate its successful deployment. Thanks!