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    files and steps for deplying a BMP bean

    Baljinder Newbie

      i have developed a BMP bean (with the help of a tutorial) corresponding to an ORACLE table. but i have no idea how to develop the xml & other required files (ejb-jar.xml,jboss.xml,jboss.jcml etc) needed for deployment and also no idea about steps to follow for the deployment. can u guys help me in this. following are the configrations of my bean:

      package -> com.employee.ejb
      remote interface -> Employee.java
      home interface -> EmployeeHome.java
      implementation bean -> EmployeeBean.java
      primary class -> EmployeePK.java

      jdbc url -> jdbc:oracle:thin:@rdbms:1521:orcl
      user -> scott
      pwd -> tiger

      oracle table -> EMPLOYEE (Integer EMPNO,Varchar2 EMPNAME,Float SALARY)