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    Other Deployment problem 3.00 x 3.02

    Alexandre Torres Newbie

      I have an ear package, wich contains a war file that references (on the manifest) a jar file inside the library dir :

      library/mylib.jar <- my lib
      war-ic.war <- my pages that uses the myLib

      On JB 302 It works. On JB 300, when I try to access a class of mylib from any page, (like IntHelper) it lookups the class on org.apache.jsp.IntHelper. But the strange thing is that I import it correctly on JSP.
      But the utmost odd thing is, if I unpack the ear and build "by hand" the directory tree inside jboss 300 it works !

      So , I want to know if this is a bug on JBoss 300 that was corrected on JBoss 302 or it's another problem with my framework.