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    How to deploy BMP entity bean in jboss 3.0.0_tomcat4.0.3

    mukesh Newbie

      hi guys

      Can anyone tell me how to deploy a bmp entity bean which is using oracle 8i in jboss 3.0.0-tomcat4.0.
      Apart from standard j2ee xml file (ejb-jar.xml), what extra files u need to write for bmp deployment?

      i need to know:

      1) how to configure oracle8i, datasource, connection pool ?

      2) how to bind logical jndi names of datasource, beans to the actual jndi names?

      3) what extra deployment files u need to write or is there any tool to generate the same?

      I know that deployment settings have changed a lot since jboss 2.0.x to jboss 3.0.x .

      any help(with an example of how to ) will be greatly appreciated.